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Name Contributor Origin Date of Origin Category
Object OB0102 1811 Slave Revolt Memorial Whitney Plantation Whitney Plantation, Louisiana, United States Sculpture
Object OB0069 Advertisement of a slave auction Ghana Museums and Monuments Sign
Object OB0155 Afrocuban music-dance group performing at San Severino Castle San Severino Castle Matanzas, Cuba Music
Object OB0098 Allées Gwendolyn Midlo Hall Whitney Plantation Whitney Plantation, Louisiana, United States Memorial
Object OB0171 Altar of the Cabildo Congos Reales Historic Trinidad: the Urban Center and the Valley of the Sugar Factories Sancti Spiritus, Cuba Religion
Object OB0005 Ankle bracelet International Slavery Museum Niger Metal
Object OB0257 Ankle shackle Municipal Museum of Guanabacoa Metal
Object OB0310 Armchair attributed to John Hemmings Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello Furniture
Object OB0309 Artifacts of African Life Royall House and Slave Quarters Medford, Massachusetts, United States Exhibit
Object OB0140 Beausoleil Plantation Beausoleil Plantation Beausoleil Plantation, Guadeloupe Historic site
Object OB0274 Bell of Mariâ Angole Afro-Peruvian Museum, Zaña Zaña, Peru Bell
Object OB0173 Bell that tolled Cuban independence and abolition Ruins of La Demajagua Sugar Factory Bell
Object OB0125 The “Big House” Murat Plantation Murat Plantation, Guadeloupe Building
Object OB0228 Birthplace of Jorge Luis Betancourt Caballero Historic Camagüey Camagüey, Cuba Building
Object OB0198 Boyhood home of José Martí Historic Havana and Fortifications Havana, Cuba Building
Object OB0185 Braided tape during a Tumba Francesa dance Tumba Francesa Cuba Performance
Object OB0054 Branding iron Barbados Museum and Historical Society Metal
Object OB0280 Brando Briones, Decimista of Zaña, Peru Afro-Peruvian Museum, Zaña Zaña, Peru Photograph
Object OB0022 Brass bells Slave History Museum, Calabar Nigeria Bell
Object OB0204 Bronze model of Havana, Cuba Historic Havana and Fortifications Havana, Cuba Model
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