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Name Contributor Origin Date of Origin Category
Object OB0119 “Steps of the Slaves” Monument to Abolition of Slavery Guadeloupe circa 1848 Building
Object OB0137 Stone archway Vanibel Plantation Vanibel Plantation, Guadeloupe Ruin
Object OB0021 Stoneware jug Slave History Museum, Calabar Nigeria Ceramic
Object OB0051 Sugar Boiling House/Refinery, Martinique The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record 1835 Print
Object OB0105 Sugar kettles Whitney Plantation Whitney Plantation, Louisiana, United States Metal
Object OB0248 Sugar mill Municipal Museum of Guanabacoa Havana, Cuba 18th century Building
Object OB0124 Sugar refining complex Murat Plantation Murat Plantation, Guadeloupe Ruin
Object OB0050 A Surinam Planter in his Morning Dress Slavery and Revolution Print
Object OB0275 “Tana” musician with “Checo,” or calabash Afro-Peruvian Museum, Zaña Zaña, Peru Music
Object OB0153 Temple of the Abakuá society Erobé Efó Municipalities of Regla-Guanabacoa Regla-Guanabacoa, Cuba Building
Object OB0017 Timbuktu The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record Paris, France 1860-1861 Print
Object OB0314 Tin cup Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello Metal
Object OB0146 Tobacco cultivation in Viñales Valley Viñales Valley Viñales Valley, Cuba Landscape
Object OB0037 Todd House National Park Service Network to Freedom Tabor, Iowa, United States circa 1772 Building
Object OB0116 Toussaint Louverture Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Print
Object OB0164 Tower at Iznaga Historic Trinidad: the Urban Center and the Valley of the Sugar Factories Sancti Spiritus, Cuba Ruin
Object OB0039 Traditional bamboo thatch house Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park Moore Town, Jamaica Building
Object OB0074 Traite des Nègres The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Rouen (probably), France circa 1820-1830 Textile
Object OB0183 Tumba Francesa musicians playing the tambores and catá Tumba Francesa Cuba Music
Object OB0283 Twenty sweets of colonial origin Afro-Peruvian Museum, Zaña Zaña, Peru 21st century Food
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