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Name Contributor Origin Date of Origin Category
Object OB0290 Zaña River Afro-Peruvian Museum, Zaña Zaña, Peru Landscape
Object OB0006 Yorktown, Virginia marker Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project Yorktown, Virginia, United States 2013: May 27 Plaque
Object OB0196 Wooden sculpture depicting woman with child Historic Havana and Fortifications Havana, Cuba Sculpture
Object OB0157 Women in Afrocuban group dance for the Orisha Oshun, San Severino Castle San Severino Castle Matanzas, Cuba Performance
Object OB0281 Women and child, making candy Afro-Peruvian Museum, Zaña Zaña, Peru 21st century Food
Object OB0129 Windmill tower Néron Plantation Néron Plantation, Guadeloupe Ruin
Object OB0058 William Ansah Sessarakoo Barbados Museum and Historical Society circa 1749 Engraving
Object OB0065 West India merchant Museum of London Docklands 1789 Print
Object OB0041 Wedgwood Medallion Hull Museums 1787 Jewelry
Object OB0221 The Water Carrier Historic Camagüey Camagüey, Cuba Sculpture
Object OB0161 Watchtower Angerona Coffee Plantation, Artemisa Angerona Coffee Plantation, Artemisa, Havana, Cuba Ruin
Object OB0306 “Wall of Names” Oak Alley Foundation Exhibit
Object OB0095 The Wall of Honor Whitney Plantation Whitney Plantation, Louisiana, United States Memorial
Object OB0158 Wall in back of San Severino Castle, with marks made by enslaved builders San Severino Castle Matanzas, Cuba Fort
Object OB0149 Virgin of Regla Church Municipalities of Regla-Guanabacoa Regla-Guanabacoa, Cuba Building
Object OB0147 Viñales Valley Viñales Valley Viñales Valley, Cuba Landscape
Object OB0013 A View of Kamalia The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record London, England 1799 Print
Object OB0115 View of Gorée Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Print
Object OB0029 View of the 40 days of fire of the plain houses at Cap-Français Nantes History Museum, Castle of the Dukes of Brittany 1795 Painting
Object OB0168 Vernacular architecture and streets of the colonial city of Trinidad Historic Trinidad: the Urban Center and the Valley of the Sugar Factories Sancti Spiritus, Cuba Cityscape
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