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Name Contributor Origin Date of Origin Category
Object OB0297 “The residents of Champagney voice their grievances, 1789” House of Negritude and Human Rights Exhibit
Object OB0193 Remains of a road network created to transport coffee and cocoa in southeastern Cuba Archaeological landscape of the first coffee plantations of southeastern Cuba Cuba Landscape
Object OB0219 Relief depicting national poet Nicolás Guillén Historic Camagüey Camagüey, Cuba Monument
Object OB0018 Queen Nzinga of the Kingdom of Kongo The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record 1670s Print
Object OB0138 Punch Pond Punch Pond Guadeloupe Landscape
Object OB0311 Priscilla Hemmings gravestone Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello Plaque
Object OB0188 Poster announcing Tumba Francesa de Bejuco Tumba Francesa Cuba Poster
Object OB0042 Poster advertising a slave auction Hull Museums 1856 Poster
Object OB0028 Portrait of young slave in republican suit Nantes History Museum, Castle of the Dukes of Brittany circa 1793 Painting
Object OB0046 Portrait of a young black man Museum of Aquitaine Painting
Object OB0082 Portrait of William Ansah Sessarakoo The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation circa 1749 Engraving
Object OB0053 Portrait of Seale Yearwood Barbados Museum and Historical Society circa 1730 Painting
Object OB0301 Portrait of Abbé Grégoire (1750-1831) Maison Abbé Grégoire Painting
Object OB0182 Plaque marking the Monument to the Maroon Town and Mine of El Cobre Santiago de Cuba, Cuba 1997: July 7 Plaque
Object OB0232 Plaque marking the African town council carabalí Historic Camagüey Camagüey, Cuba Plaque
Object OB0210 Plaque commemorating General Antonio Maceo's presence in Cienfuegos, Cuba Historic Cienfuegos Cienfuegos, Cuba 1936 Plaque
Object OB0202 Plaque commemorating the five young abakuá who were killed in 1871 Historic Havana and Fortifications Havana, Cuba 2006 Plaque
Object OB0151 Plaque commemorating Capuchin priests at the Hermitage of Santo Cristo de Potosí Municipalities of Regla-Guanabacoa Regla-Guanabacoa, Cuba 2007: April 18 Plaque
Object OB0217 Plaque commemorating the bicentennial of Jose Antonio Aponte's conspiracy Historic Camagüey Camagüey, Cuba 2012 Plaque
Object OB0209 Plaque commemorating the arrival of the first enslaved people Historic Cienfuegos Cienfuegos, Cuba circa 2000 Plaque
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