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Today in the 1770s: January 18

WILLIAMSBURG, January 18, 1770.
An Act for reimbursing the inhabitants of King William and Hanover counties the expence of clearing Pamunkey river. WHEREAS by an act of the General Assembly, passed in the twenty fifth year of the reign of his late Majesty George the Second, intitled, "An act for clearing Appamattox and Pamunkey rivers, certain trustees, therein appointed, are authorized and impowered to take and receive subscriptions for clearing the upper part of the said river Pamunkey;" and whereas, from the great prices given for tobacco at Crutchfield's, Page's, and Meriwether's warehouses, situate on the said river, in the county of Hanover, many persons, from distant parts of the colony, are induced to carry their tobacco to the said warehouses for inspection, and it is unreasonable that the inhabitants of the counties of King William and Hanover should bear the whole burthen and expence of clearing the said river…

Virginia Gazette (Rind) January 18, 1770

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Getting the tobacco to market was an important reason to keep rivers navigable, and a responsibility to be shared by all those who used the rivers for that purpose.

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