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Name Contributor Origin Date of Origin Category
Object OB0119 “Steps of the Slaves” Monument to Abolition of Slavery Guadeloupe circa 1848 Building
Object OB0300 Stained glass of the abolition of slavery at the Museum Grégoire Maison Abbé Grégoire Glass
Object OB0223 Square of the Christ Historic Camagüey Camagüey, Cuba Cityscape
Object OB0034 Slave trader at Gorée, Sénégal The Departmental Museum Victor Schœlcher Print
Object OB0075 Slave Trade Abolished 1806 The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation London, England 1807 Engraving
Object OB0239 Slave ship model Slave History Museum, Calabar Model
Object OB0093 Slave quarters Whitney Plantation Whitney Plantation, Louisiana, United States Building
Object OB0291 Slave port Chérrepe Llegaban, Zaña, Peru Afro-Peruvian Museum, Zaña Zaña, Peru Landscape
Object OB0063 Slave collar Museum of London Docklands 1894 Metal
Object OB0142 Slave cell The Slave Cell of Belmont Plantation Belmont Plantation, Guadeloupe Building
Object OB0114 Slave burial ground Slave Burial Ground of Anse Sainte-Marguerite L’Anse Sainte-Marguerite, Guadeloupe Landscape
Object OB0313 Slate and pencil fragments, dominos Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello Exhibit
Object OB0213 Sign of the old house-temple Historic Cienfuegos Cienfuegos, Cuba Sign
Object OB0179 The Shrine of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre Town and Mine of El Cobre Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Building
Object OB0106 Shackles and chains Whitney Plantation Whitney Plantation, Louisiana, United States Metal
Object OB0020 Sculpture, Calabar’s Slave History Museum Slave History Museum, Calabar Nigeria Sculpture
Object OB0214 Sculptural image of Shango Historic Cienfuegos Cienfuegos, Cuba Religion
Object OB0134 Scenes of Slave Life The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation New England (probably), United States 1832-1835 (probably) Drawing
Object OB0059 Scene depicting West Indian mulatto woman with umbrella Barbados Museum and Historical Society circa 1770-1796 Print
Object OB0176 Sanctuary of the Virgin of Charity, El Cobre Town and Mine of El Cobre Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Building
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