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Name Born Died
Person PP028 Gowan Pamphlet circa 1748 1807
Person PP025 Rachel Pringle Polgreen circa 1753 1791
Person PP055 Ottabah Cugoano circa 1757 after 1787
Person PP048 John Kizell circa 1760 circa 1830s
Person PP036 Salih Bilali of Massina circa 1765 circa mid-1850s
Person PP015 Solitude circa 1771 1802
Person PP006 Mary Prince circa 1788 after 1833
Person PP004 Mahommah Gardo Baquaqua circa 1824 after 1857
Person PP007 Rufino José Maria early 19th c.
Person PP016 Buenaventura Lucumí early 19th c. 1872
Person PP012 Ancona Robin John and Little Ephraim Robin John late 18th c.
Person PP019 Belinda mid-18th c. late 18th c.
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